We are a site which provides resources and guides for hackintoshing.

Hackintoshes are PC’s which have been ‘hacked’ to run OS X like real Apple macs. People generally do this because it is cheaper than purchasing a mac and allows for a lot more customizability and upgradability. Most people build computers specifically for using as Hackintoshes, as it is easier with specific hardware. However, it is possible on almost all Intel based PC’s

Our site is here to guide new and experienced users alike through the process of creating these machines. Much of the content on this site can be found other places on the internet, so we have focused on making it easy to find and understand while still citing the original sources and developers.

Our guides are do it yourself style, using minimal amounts of automation. We feel that a more manual install leads to a better functioning machine and easier troubleshooting. In this process, we know mistakes can and probably will happen, so feel free to ask for help in the comments.

We hope you enjoy, Skyline OS X.